The association is an assembly of members – founding members, subscribing members, and honorary members.  All members are treated equally by the association.

The founding members of the association (MC Bordage, GJM Hagelaar, S Pancheshnyi and LC Pitchford) constitute the initial board of directors.   The founding members retain the permanent right to all information concerning the administrative and financial status of the association.

The subscribing members are those individuals or institutions adhering to the mission statement and paying an annual dues in an amount determined at the annual general assembly.  The dues will be different for individuals and for institutions.  Applications for subscribing membership are to be sent to the president of the association and must be approved by the association at general assembly.   Membership takes effect upon payment of the annual dues.

The association can bestow the title honorary member to individuals or institutions who have rendered service to the association, either through significant contributions to the mission of the association or through donations.   Honorary members are not required to pay annual dues.

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