General assembly

All members are invited to attend the meetings of the general assembly.  Written invitations and the meeting agenda will be sent out at least 15 days before the designated date.  Institutional members are represented at general assembly by their legal or designated representative.

Decisions regarding items listed in the agenda are made by a simple majority of members present or represented, with each member having one vote.  Vote by procuration is authorized, to the limit of two votes (one procuration) per person present.   No decisions can be made regarding items not listed in the agenda.

Upon request of half or more of the members, the president will call a special meeting of the general assembly which is subject to the above listed rules.

Management of the association

The association is managed by a 4-member board of directors, half of whom are to be replaced every 3 years in the annual general assembly of the association.  The board members are:

  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

In case of vacancy, the board of directors can temporarily replace a member.  The formal replacement of board members will take place at the next meeting of the general assembly .

The president is the legal representative of the association.  He is authorized to act in all circumstances in the name of the association for all affairs related to the mission of the association but is subject to the specific attributes defined by the general assembly.  The president is authorized to represent the association in legal disputes, both in bringing suit and in defending the interests of the association.  He can delegate all or part of his powers to other members of the board of directors.

The president is seconded in all affairs by the vice-president who replaces the president in case of absence.

The treasurer is responsible for accounting of receipts and expenses.  The president and the treasurer are authorized to open and manage the accounts for the association and are authorized to make payments.   He should be prepared at all times to account for the receipts and expenses of the association.  The treasurer will present a formal statement of accounts at the annual general assembly.

The secretary is responsible for taking care of the association’s correspondence and in assuring that all formalities are respected.  He prepares the minutes of the annual general assembly as well as written statements of all decisions made therein.  The secretary assures the statutes of the association are respected.

The members of the board of directors can be reimbursement of expenses incurred in carrying out their duties, an accounting of which will be made by the treasurer at the annual general assembly.  The board members are not otherwise remunerated.