The mission of the association is to facilitate the exchange of data and numerical tools for modeling the physics and chemistry of plasma.  Specifically, the association’s objectives are to:

  • Encourage the exchange and open access of fundamental data via the internet;
  • Develop tools to facilitate the exchange of on-line data;
  • Contribute to the collection and evaluation of data;
  • Communicate with the international scientific community to increase the visibility of fundamental data available on-line;
  • Communicate with specialists via forums such as the French Cold Plasma Network;
  • Encourage open access of numerical tools for the generation and analysis of data as well as for modeling plasmas;
  • Contribute to the standardization of formats for storing and exchange of data.

Although the association was created with the LXCat project in mind, the objective is wide enough to be used for other activities adhering to the same objective, should there be a need.

This association was created in July 2015 according to French laws governing non-profit associations. Resources of the association include annual membership dues, public or private donations and grants, income from services rendered by the association, and other income authorized by law.